Society turns to creators when they want to relax, celebrate and escape because, let’s face it, sometimes life is a dumpster-fire that needs escaping. 2020, I’m looking at you!  But where do creators fill their creative wells so they can create for everyone else? Right to Write Paris is a show about writers who fill each other’s creative wells by writing together once a month at the American Church in Paris Writers Group. They write alone, too, finding inspiration in the City of Light Paris and home to many great writers. Listen to full episodes and get more information on Tendayi here:

Show 11 – Ashley Lyn Olson

At 14, Ashley Lyn Olson was paralyzed in a horrible car wreck that took the life of her father, physically disabled her mother, and injured her younger sister. That one moment transformed her entire world, but it did not dampen her spirit. She is a writer, educational speaker, and she loves to travel. In 2006, she launched as a resource for others with disabilities.

Show 10 – Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a veteran and storyteller who has published prose and poetry in Arc, F(r)iction, and elsewhere. A Canada Arts Council grant recipient, he runs a monthly writing workshop and edits prose for Paris Lit Up Magazine. Today, Matt enjoys the Parisian cheese and literary landscape while writing books.

Show 9 – Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Lisa Vanden Bos grew up in New Jersey and came to France originally for a junior year abroad on the heels of her Mom, who was in Paris in 1960. She met John Vanden Bos that year. She then returned to New York City for senior year and ran into John, and their relationship took off. He moved to Paris to found FUSAC. Lisa was hesitant and so went back home to live with her parents and get a job. Soon after, she decided to move to Paris and see how it went. She’s still here 30+ years later.

Show 8 – Take Risks

Virginie Seba is energetic, passionate and an atypical singer who juggles several hats including being a librarian at a school in Paris. Virginie has a taste for writing, reading, the visual arts and the stage. It is only in her fifties, after a marital break-up, that Virginie took her artistic flight. Having the opportunity to practice stand-up, Virginie discovered slam. Since then, she’s been progressively gaining in confidence and has happily moved from one stage to another, from Paris to the provinces (Granville, Gers, Brittany…).

Show 7 – American Library

This week Tendayi is joined in the studio by Kirsty McCulloch Reid, originally from Scotland, works at the American Library in Paris, as a Children’s and Teens’ Services Librarian. She helps in the department with programs, the collection, and social media. She holds a Masters Education from the University of Strathclyde and a Masters in Information and Library studies from Robert Gordon University.  Kirsty coordinates the Library’s Young Authors Fiction Festival, a short story contest for ages 5-18. 

Show6 – Global Citizenry is our Family Legacy

This week Tendayi is joined by Anna Zweede a teacher and school administrator who loves children, music, handicrafts and writing. Her genre of choice is poetry, but she has also ventured into fiction. 

Show5Writing Your All – Tendayi welcomes TL Valluy into the studio for the fourth episode of Right to Write Paris. Valluy shares her experience of being a life-long Christian, a wife, a mom and a writer, trying to give it all to God. She lives in France with her husband and two kids. She has written ten books, the most recent of which is 365 Reminders of God’s Great Love: from Genesis through Revelation. Find out more about TL Valluy’s books here:

Show4 – This week Tendayi O. Chirawu is alone in the studio and talks about her journey as a triply African writer living in Paris and how she came to be the President of the ACP Writer’s Group. She shares her experiences with writing and the storytelling process. Tenday is a published author and Communications Expert living in Paris.  She has been published in Quartz, Convergence and The Spire. You can read more of her work at:

Show3Menopause is a Hot Topic – Tendayi welcomes Yvonne Hazelton to the studio to talk about almost being an empty nester in Paris, online dating apps and writing about expat living in the City of Light. Yvonne is a writer living in Paris. She has been published in Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, The Menteur: Paris School of Arts and Culture’s literary and arts magazine, and on the websites Hip Paris, GPS My City, and Secrets of Paris. She blogs at Escaping the Empty Nest, and has just completed her first novel.

Episode 2 – Too Naive to Have Imposter Syndrome – Tendayi welcomes Rose Burke into the studio. Born in Pittsburgh, Rose is an editor, writer and teacher who has lived in Paris for over 20 years. In this episode of Right to Write Paris, Rose shares what it was like learning the craft of writing and editing under a Pulitzer Prize Winner, the impact taking in immigrant families had on her as a young child, raising a family in Paris and how the ACP Writers Group impacted her written musings. You can read more from Rose on her LinkedIn profile:

Episode 1 – There’s no such thing as voicelessness in Paris – Tendayi welcomes Patricia Killeen into the studio for the first episode of Right to Write Paris, where Patricia shares her experience of growing up in the Irish church in the 1970s and then finding her voice and an unexpected sense of belonging in Paris. Her journey includes incredible travels, marriage to a Frenchman and throwing Balls with the Bâronne de Paname. She chronicles it all by putting pen to paper in the ACP writers group and talks about the support and community of the group. Read more from Patricia here: