A guide to the 7th arrondissement on “The Earful Tower” show

“The 7th arrondissement is Paris at its best. Ultra-famous landmarks, bordered by the Seine River, and full of delightful streets that are perfect for wandering.”

This podcast episode on the 7th district of Paris includes an interview with Francine Campa from the Deyrolle taxidermy shop and the final ranking on the district out of 100. 

Listen to the episode now:

Find all the great pictures and tips on: https://theearfultower.com/2022/06/21/guide-to-the-7th-arrondissement-paris-when-it-glitters/

Photo by: https://theearfultower.com/2022/06/21/guide-to-the-7th-arrondissement-paris-when-it-glitters/