A new episode of Q & A France is out

Your questions about France are answered by Dave on WRP each month.

Email your questions to contact@worldradio.fr (Q&A in subject line) or Whatsapp/Telegram your voice/text message to +33651598833.

Show notes:

Olympics : tickets.paris2024.org (on May 11th)

CESC : cescparis.weebly.com

Second hand ” legit ” concert tickets : Viagogo.fr

Nude sunbathing area: https://goo.gl/maps/KN837JUpaGgAVHCZ9

Jamaican Takeaway food place : Tolia Paris

Self-employed work status : https://www.autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr/portail/accueil/creer-mon-auto-entreprise.html (sorry only in French!)