WRP is run by a French association (1901 Law) and was created by expats in 2003. WRP is essentially a talk station. It received its license in 2014 and broadcasts over the greater Paris region, Normandy and on the French Riviera (Monaco, Cannes, Nice) on DAB+ (digital radio).

A local radio station for non-French speakers

We target the 200,000 English speakers who live in Paris, Nice and Normandy, but native French speakers make a big part of our audience as well, as more and more French want to improve their listening skills.

A social endeavour

Working together is an essential part of WRP’s project. As a team we ensure the organisation, recording and promoting of our locally-produced shows. Everyone has a role to play and can offer new ideas.

Tireless volunteers and journalists

Our volunteers run the station – from hosting to broadcasting. This is due to the fact that non-commercial stations in France (WRP is just one of them) can only rely on grants and donations to fund themselves, which is currently insufficient to hire permanent staff. Ads are allowed in very limited numbers, just one minute per hour (see below).

Supported by listeners

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on listener support and help from the French Ministry of Culture and other donors. We’re a registered charity operating under the name “Association World Radio Paris”, which also means that donations to WRP are tax-deductable.

Our local programmes

We broadcast four hours of our own shows every day, at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm.

At the top of these hours we air a daily local news bulletin, providing listeners with the latest headlines for Paris and France. 

Our partnerships with international stations such as the BBC, CBC and PRX allow us to air their content the rest of the day – yes, you can listen to your favourite programmes from home on WRP.

And we have a frequent “What’s On Cultural Guides” to help you better live your Parisian lifeas well as “Turning Points” reflecting the social, commercial and economic reasons why different pockets of people which we call, anglophone communities, make France their home. We have over 20 local shows, from Comedy to Literature.

A coming of age – DAB+

We launched our station on digital radio (known as DAB+) in June 2014 . Our 10-year license allows us to broadcast to the Great Paris region (think Paris to CDG Airport), and more recently to Nice and Normandy. We’re the only fully-English speaking station and you can also tune in on your phone via our app available on iTunes and Android. Go to “Ways to Listen” for more details.

Social Media

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all our updates.

Volunteering at WRP

We are currently seeking:

Hosts: If you feel like taking on a new challenge and would like to host a show of your own, this is the place! Whether you’ve got a background in radio or not, we’ll help you to feel at ease and give you the tips & tricks to get started. Simply pitch your show to us.

Community managers: Help us to develop the radio station through social media, fundraising and advertising. For anyone who is keen to gain experience in PR.

Producers: You’ll be overseeing the smooth running of shows, contacting guests and promoting episodes online.  

If you would like to apply for any of the positions above, please send your CV along with background information to contact@worldradio.fr – For host positions, please include a breakdown of your show proposal. Look forward to hearing from you!

Advertising on WRP

WRP is a not-for-profit community radio station, yet by law, up to 20% of WRP’s annual budget can come from advertising.

WRP offers attractive packages to companies wishing to advertise their products or services on the only station broadcasting in English in Paris, Nice and Normandy, targetting the large expats community and the 30 million tourists visiting each year. Moreover, more and more locals who want to improve their English also tune in. WRP serves 8 million inhabitants in the Paris region plus 1 million on the Riviera on the airwaves, with an estimated English-speaking audience of 200,000. Our more popular shows get way beyond 10,000 clicks online as well!

WRP currently only sells the last minute of the hour (just before the top-of-the hour newscast) via our in-house ad-agency WorldRadioAdvertising.

WorldRadioAdvertising can create your radio ad, from scripting to recording and scheduling it at the best times to reach your potential customers like no other media can. 

In addition to ads in the form of audio spots, WRP can also accepts corporate sponsorship. Instead of advertising a product in a standard ad, companies can prefer to identify themselves as financial supporters of the station, to improve their image. In return, they get a 60% tax cut (impots sur les sociétés, up to 0.5% of revenues) and their name is acknowledged on the air for a month after the top-of-the hour newscast: “WRP is financed in part thanks to the generous support of name and business description. More information on ‘name’ is available at www.name.com.. In addition, donor’s names, company’s descriptions and link to their website will appear on WRP’s website.

Please call us on 06 51 59 88 33 or contact@worldradio.fr to talk with our sales team and start planning your advertising campaign today!

Contact us

Dear listeners, it is always a pleasure hearing from you.

Please use our general email for enquiries, comments and show proposals, or fill and submit the form below:

                              contact @ worldradio.fr

    You may also call us and leave a message on +33 6 51 59 88 33

    STUDIO ADDRESS: World Radio Paris, 115 Rue Lafayette, 75010 Paris, France.

    Donating to your local radio station

    WRP is listener-supported !


    Our board of directors and our general manager are donating their time to this project. But keeping a station on the airwaves is quite costly. Here are a few things WRP needs to pay each month to continue providing its service to listeners:

    – Broadcast fees paid to the company operating the transmitter. This is what makes WRP heard all over Paris on the airwaves. Our DAB transmitter is located at Montmartre.

    – Broadcast fees for Monaco and Normandy.

    – Internet streaming and hosting.
    – Studio rental fees, electricity, building utility fees.
    – Salary of our part-time program manager.
    – Music License fee (Sacem/Spre)

    If you want to encourage our tearm and support our community radio station, you can choose to make a donation today via Paypal. It’s simple and safe. 60% of your donation is tax-deductible. You can also opt for a recurrent donation. Just follow this link and tick the box!

    Thank you very much

    Donors giving WRP over 60 euros per year will receive a beautiful WRP mug along with their tax-deduction form.

    You can also choose to support us with a small amount each month via Patreon.com/WRP