All radio stations now on DAB+

Today marks a milestone in radio broadcasting in France. A few days before the official launch date (Oct 12), all radio stations currently offered on FM in Paris – including all State-run (France Inter, Mouv, Fip…) and commercial ones – (NRJ, RTL, Virgin…) which were not yet on DAB+ have started broadcasting using this new technology, not only in Paris, but also all along the A6 and A7 highways, basically from Paris to Lyon and all the way to Marseille, which is the first national road fully served by DAB+ transmitters (many others will follow in the months to come).

DAB+ is a new broadcast norm which is gradually going to replace FM. All new cars sold in France have a DAB+ tuner by law. The benefits of DAB+ are huge: much larger choice of radio stations (currently 100 in Paris), static-free CD quality reception, on-screen information, no frequency tuning necessary… Besides, DAB+ is a broadcast norm, which means that it does not transit through a phone’s 4G/5G connection, won’t run your phone’s battery or use up your data plan. It’s free and anonymous.

WRP is one of those 100 Paris stations now on air. As you may already know, WRP is also offered in the South of France is areas where many expats live. Next January, it will also be heard throughout Normandy.