Dancer Jelly Germain Ngono on Turning Points

In this episode of Turning Points, Patricia Killeen speaks to Jelly Germain Ngono, dancer, choreographer, musician and dance master.

Born in Cameroon, Jelly Germain moved to Paris when he was ten. As a young boy, he loved watching old jazz films, which kindled a passion for tap dancing.

Shortly after donning his tap shoes, he was noticed by Olivier Brard, conductor of the “Royal Tencopators” who gave him his first break. Initially autodidact, he subsequently enrolled in dance classes at the Candela Conservatory in Paris, took classes with Jacques Bense and enrolled in circus school. He was mentored by Cotton Club Dancer, Ralph Brown, and rubbed shoulders with tap giants; Buster Brown, Lon Chaney, Diane Walker and Chuck Green

In 1991, Jelly Germain left Paris for Amsterdam where he was choreographer of the “Holland Show Ballet”. At that time, he also created his first company “Rythm Aces” and worked on video advertising projects. He taught at the Amsterdam Dance Academy and became choreographer of the “Lido” in Amsterdam.

In 1993, he toured with the renowned “Riverdance” show, and subsequently toured with “Black and Blue”. From 1997 to 2000, he performed in variety shows at the Sporting Club in Monaco and the Casino Rhul in Nice. 

Over the years, he shared the stage with some of the greatest blues, jazz and boogie musicians. 

He finally hung his hat in Paris, and has been entertaining us in the City of Light for the past two decades. He has his own band, “The Harlem Drivers” and a female dance troop, “The Starlites”.

On 31 December 2021, he will perform at the “Les Paris Follies” gala, organised by “La Bâronne de Paname”, at the mythical, roaring twenties brasserie and ballroom “La Coupole”, razzle-dazzling us into 2022 with a sparkling, sensational program. (Facebook: labaronnedepaname).

Facebook: jellygermain.ngono       Instagram: jelly_germain_ngono