It isn’t easy being an Englishman in France, but my life is very rich, full of music, language and sunshine. My name is Ian, I run a record shop, Verdon Records, in the small village of Moustiers Sainte-Marie, tucked away in the corner of Provence, the Gorges de Verdon. I have decided to keep an audio diary, with a little help from my family, friends and customers, so I can one day write my magnificent opus, an ode to the romance of running a record shop.

Verdon Records returns for a very special Christmas episode. Baz finally gets married to Tiff, who herself, it transpires, has a dark, unchristmassy past, which is dying to reveal itself, a stag and hen do, and a tower crane that saves the day. Some not bad music too, from some people.

Verdon Records returns! On the latest show, Scott and Jon face an exhibition dilemma, a pub quiz with a terrible tribute band name, a spinning crane and a commissioned ceramic star made by Hana Smid. Featuring some brilliant music from Slowdive, Ezra Furman, the mighty Bjork, and many more.

A new season is here! Here is the “End of Summer” episode:

Ian and friends take a trip to the wild Camargue to discover the culture and wildlife there. Hector has an encounter with bulls, Joseph forgets something quite important and Baz wants to know more about birds. There is also lots of bird related music and some field recordings of some wonderful birds.

Ian has an unexpected call and he must embark on a journey in a foreign land, at the same time he gets chance to look inwards whilst looking outwards.  Great music and plenty of heart.

This episode is all about books, literature and authors, with a story around Ian deciding to sell some quality books in his record shop.  He is trying to build a song list too around music connected to books in some way.  There are also plenty of contributions from Ian’s friends and family.  Plus, Nicolas thinks the sky is his screensaver and Bazza looks at x ray photos of his lung when he’s bored.

The Comet is Coming. A story around the coming of comet, C2022 E3 ZTF. Ian starts a campaign to rename the comet Bristol Craig Comet. Hector has parties in the hills of Provence to see in the comet.  Scott travels to the shop for his book signing and gets lost in the process. Plus loads of space themed music!

Season 2 begins tonight with an episode on the theme of WINTER.  All of the music chosen for this episode is associated in some way with the snowy, icy, cold season, winter.  Thank you to all of you who helped choose the music with your great suggestions, some of which have been included.  In tonight’s story, Ian’s friend, Hector from Nice, comes up to visit in his caravan for a month.  Eric promotes new poetry book by Scott Williams called Rainclouds and Ian commissions a new shop sign. 

Winter Show

A Christmas special, Ian is back in the record shop in Moustiers Sainte Marie and it’s Christmas Eve. He plans to go to Iceland for Christmas to be with his love, but fate has an alternative story. A prestigious musical challenge from local radio station, Radio Verdon, a few questions from a magazine and lots of snow and bitter cold. Thrown together of course with some great Christmas Music chosen by Ian’s friends and Family. Get into the Christmas mood with this Christmas story.

Part 1
Part 2

Episode 8 of Verdon Records, the final episode until the autumn.  In tonight’s episode the gang get to play in a football tournament in Nice, organised by Hector, who is out for revenge against a former record shop he worked for. Ian has some surprise news from a kiwi girl, who takes him to see a concert in Nice.  Kev the Poet makes a guest appearance and joins the football team. There is also an amazing appearance from Moustiers Sainte-Marie local musical hero, Florentin Fouch.  Lots of good music too and a dramatic ending.

Show 8

A special episode that sees Ian and the gang travel up to Paris for a few days.  They take in the sights, the culture and the romance.  They go to see a band, but which Irish band is it?  Kev from From Me To You Poems writes his ode to the Mona Lisa, whilst Mave takes Beryl to a Comic Convention.  The story plus great music and stupid jokes are all there for you to enjoy and edge you ever nearer to musical and literature heaven.

Episode 7

This thrilling episode will not only launch your weekend but will seamlessly transfer you into the cultural holiday which we call Easter.  In tonight’s digipass episode, local photographer Rudolf, plans a day out to photograph and observe the iconic vultures in the majestic gorges du Verdon.  Joseph, back from Uni, begins working at the record shop and gets a terrible joke played on him which is filmed by Sébastien.  Hector  from Vicious Vinyl, has two big ideas that could help to give Verdon Records more business.  A mysterious xenophobe  makes a request for a classic record and a message from a stoner that makes no sense at all.  Loads of inspiring music too, Crowded House, Tom Waits, Slowdive, Blondie and more musical delights. 

Episode 6

You are being treated to yet another episode of the trials and tribulations of Verdon Records – The Diary of a Record Shop.  The best and only way to start your day.  In this episode on World Radio Provence, Ian seeks an alternative venue for a Throat Singing Choir whilst fixing Anna’s plumbing.  Ian reconnects with old friend Mave and welcomes Thomas from Le Bergerie de Faucon.  A spring poem from Kevin at From Me To You Poems, and Hector Stainer  finally meets up with Sébastien for a drink in Riez.  Loads of music from Surfing Magazines, Blur, Tryo, Madonna, A A Bondy, Grouper, Scrabbel and other pop hits.  Treat yourself to a musical East Enders or Home and Away, tonight at 19h00 local time and 6pm UK time. 

Episode 5

This week, Ian gets use to having a one-eyed cat, has a visit from Hector Stainer, Tom Moriarty plays a gig at the shop, battles with some tricky customers and of course plays some great music.

Episode 4

Verdon Records, based in the Provencal village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie host a memorable gig with Robi Mitch, Ian visits Hector Stainer’s record shop in Nice and goes to a punk gig, Nicolás plays us his ex girlfriends vinyl and the cat refuge lady does a home visit to find out if Simon can be adopted. There is plenty more to discover plus some great music as always.

Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1