It isn’t easy being an Englishman in France, but my life is very rich, full of music, language and sunshine. My name is Ian, I run a record shop, Verdon Records, in the small village of Moustiers Sainte-Marie, tucked away in the corner of Provence, the Gorges de Verdon. I have decided to keep an audio diary, with a little help from my family, friends and customers, so I can one day write my magnificent opus, an ode to the romance of running a record shop.

Episode 8 of Verdon Records, the final episode until the autumn.  In tonight’s episode the gang get to play in a football tournament in Nice, organised by Hector, who is out for revenge against a former record shop he worked for.  Ian has some surprise news from a kiwi girl, who takes him to see a concert in Nice.  Kev the Poet makes a guest appearance and joins the football team.  There is also an amazing appearance from Moustiers Sainte-Marie local musical hero, Florentin Fouch.  Lots of good music too and a dramatic ending.

Show 8

A special episode that sees Ian and the gang travel up to Paris for a few days.  They take in the sights, the culture and the romance.  They go to see a band, but which Irish band is it?  Kev from From Me To You Poems writes his ode to the Mona Lisa, whilst Mave takes Beryl to a Comic Convention.  The story plus great music and stupid jokes are all there for you to enjoy and edge you ever nearer to musical and literature heaven.

Episode 7

This thrilling episode will not only launch your weekend but will seamlessly transfer you into the cultural holiday which we call Easter.  In tonight’s digipass episode, local photographer Rudolf, plans a day out to photograph and observe the iconic vultures in the majestic gorges du Verdon.  Joseph, back from Uni, begins working at the record shop and gets a terrible joke played on him which is filmed by Sébastien.  Hector  from Vicious Vinyl, has two big ideas that could help to give Verdon Records more business.  A mysterious xenophobe  makes a request for a classic record and a message from a stoner that makes no sense at all.  Loads of inspiring music too, Crowded House, Tom Waits, Slowdive, Blondie and more musical delights. 

Episode 6

You are being treated to yet another episode of the trials and tribulations of Verdon Records – The Diary of a Record Shop.  The best and only way to start your day.  In this episode on World Radio Provence, Ian seeks an alternative venue for a Throat Singing Choir whilst fixing Anna’s plumbing.  Ian reconnects with old friend Mave and welcomes Thomas from Le Bergerie de Faucon.  A spring poem from Kevin at From Me To You Poems, and Hector Stainer  finally meets up with Sébastien for a drink in Riez.  Loads of music from Surfing Magazines, Blur, Tryo, Madonna, A A Bondy, Grouper, Scrabbel and other pop hits.  Treat yourself to a musical East Enders or Home and Away, tonight at 19h00 local time and 6pm UK time. 

Episode 5

This week, Ian gets use to having a one-eyed cat, has a visit from Hector Stainer, Tom Moriarty plays a gig at the shop, battles with some tricky customers and of course plays some great music.

Episode 4

Verdon Records, based in the Provencal village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie host a memorable gig with Robi Mitch, Ian visits Hector Stainer’s record shop in Nice and goes to a punk gig, Nicolás plays us his ex girlfriends vinyl and the cat refuge lady does a home visit to find out if Simon can be adopted. There is plenty more to discover plus some great music as always.

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