Dino Salomon on Turning Points

In this episode of Turning Points, Patricia Killeen welcomed Dino Salomon, a young crooner, whose “honeymoon” voice carries the banner for the Rat Pack, in the most authentic Parisian venues.
Born in Rabat-Morocco, Dino moved to France at the age of 18 to study History of Art, then studied Art and finally Japanese language and civilization.

When he arrived in Paris, he lived at the foot of Montmartre. One sunny day, he saw a singer performing on the steps of Sacré-Cœur and had an epiphany! He picked up his own guitar and spent years busking on the Sacré-Cœur steps, singing all kind of genres. After a lengthy period singing the Blues, Dino discovered early 1900’s music and found his genre and voice.

He built a repertoire based on Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and The Mills Brothers songs. He teamed up with pianist Sheldon Forrest and sung for years at the Club Rayé, and spent three years performing at the mythical Chat Noir.

Nowadays you can hear him at the magical Café Blanche.

For private concerts, alone or with other artists, contact Dino by email: tarexki@gmail.com
FB: @Dino Salomon
Instagram :@dinocrooner