WRP is listener-supported !

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Our board of directors and our general manager are donating their time to this project. But keeping a station on the airwaves is quite costly. Here are a few things WRP needs to pay each month to continue providing its service to listeners:

– Broadcast fees paid to the company operating the transmitter. This is what makes WRP heard all over Paris on the airwaves. Our DAB transmitter is located at Montmartre.

– Broadcast fees for Monaco and Normandy.

– Internet streaming and hosting.
– Studio rental fees, electricity, building utility fees.
– Salary of our part-time program manager.
– Music License fee (Sacem/Spre)

If you want to encourage our tearm and support our community radio station, you can choose to make a donation today via Paypal. It’s simple and safe. 60% of your donation is tax-deductible. You can also opt for a recurrent donation. Just follow this link and tick the box!

Thank you very much

Donors giving WRP over 60 euros per year will receive a beautiful WRP mug along with their tax-deduction form.

You can also choose to support us with a small amount each month via Patreon.com/WRP

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