Eurovision Junior

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 takes place 19 December live from Paris,
France at 4pm CET.
Patricia KILLEEN welcomed 14-year-old contestant MAIÚ LEVI LAWLOR –
PARIS. They chatted about how he was getting on in Paris in the run up to the
contest and he sang an excerpt from his song entitled “Saor” (composed by Niall
Mooney and others);
The majority of its lyrics are in Irish, with some English and French phrases. The
song is up-beat bop and discribes the strength and resilience of our youth throughout
In the opening lines it describes the isolation when schools were closed and the
young separated from their friends and extended family members. It also describes
how the young people are emerging from this period with a new zest for life, and
Maiú sings “You (that is Covid) can’t make us (the youth) Disappear”.
In the interview, Maiú explained how he thought it was important to sing in Irish; “as
much as Irish is heard within Ireland – it’s lovely that it will be heard on a more global
You can vote for Maiú online:

Voting will be open from December 17 at 5 p.m. The voting platform will close
at the very start of the show, Sunday December 19 at 4 p.m. CET, but will
reopen at the end of all performances for 15 minutes.

The winner of the Junior Eurovision will be the artist who collected the most
votes from the public (counting for 50% of the vote), and from of all the
national juries (50%).

Listen to the interview

We’re rooting for you Maiú!