Farm to Bottle in France with Stephany Saint Faust

This month we learn about the agricultural landscape in France for small farms and how and why many farmers are turning to spirits production as a means to try and sustain the farms financially. We speak to Stephanie Saint Faust of Le Saint, a brand development company that focuses on small farmers and helping them get spirits into bottles and on the market. 

Products, places and people mentioned in the Farm to Bottle in France episode

Le Saint website

Le Saint instagram


AMAP Associations pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne  address finder

Domaine de Faronville – only fully French made vodka from locally grown potatoes

Distillerie du Sonneur – with an eau-de-vie made with pork rillettes

La Distillerie d’Isle de France – with gin made from carrots

Lexir online platform for craft spirits

Cocktail of the month in the Farm to Bottle in France episode: Kir percheron 

This is a local version of the classic kir using a cidre from le Perche

15 cl crème de cassis

Sparkling hard cider AOP Le Perche*

Pour creme de cassis into a wine glass and top with chilled cider

*feel free to use a different cider if you cannot find a French cider from le Perche

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Stephanie of Le Saint

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Son Little for the music we use

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