Hidden Hemingway

Claudine Hemingway joins me to talk all about…well, I think her surname gives it away…Ernest Hemingway! During the episode, she unpacks some of the myths surrounding this celebrated American author’s time in Paris. Ever hear the story about how he downed 51 dry martinis in a single sitting at Paris’ Hotel Ritz? Well, that might not be 100% true but I assure you, it is still a fascinating story, tune in to find out what really happened! It involves the liberation of Paris and posing as a soldier!  

You can follow Claudine on Instagram (@claudinebleublonderouge) and Facebook (@bleublonderouge ). She also co-hosts La Vie Creative podcast with Krystal Kenney, who also came on this podcast to talk about her favourite places in Montmartre.  Every Sunday, she also hosts live videos from Paris, where she talks about the history of different places, buildings and people.   

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