Let “The New Paris” introduce you to the latest trends in European baking

One of the incredible aspects of living in Europe is the access to rich bread and baking traditions. They may vary between France, Poland, Germany, and Portugal, let’s say, but what they share is the ongoing movement to protect them. It’s also the theme of the new cookbook by American Laurel Krotochvila, who is based in Berlin and owner of “Fine Bagels”. The book, New European Baking, was the subject of this conversation that took place at The Red Wheelbarrow bookstore on October 6th. This episode is therefore the recording of that interview. It also features a discussion with Xavier Netry, the head bread baker at the beloved Parisian bakery Utopie, who is profiled in Laurel’s book.

Listen to this episode of “The New Paris” here:

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash