On-Air, On-line, On your phone.

1. ON-LINE Worldwide

WRP streams two stations on the web (WRP News, our main talk station, and WRP MusicMix, our music station). Listen on our website using the LIVE menu tab.

2. ON-AIR in Paris and Nice via DAB+

Since 2014, WRP has been offered free-of-charge to Parisians over the airwaves in CD quality, but only if they own a DAB radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting). An old FM/AM radio will not work. Most radio receiving devices now sold in France are DAB compatible. By law, all new cars sold must offer DAB reception, but you should double-check when ordering the car.

Recently, WRP started broadcasting in Nice, also on DAB+, serving the English-speakers on the Côte d’Azur region.

WRP is easy to find: We are the last station in the list on screen.

Why isn’t WRP on FM? In both Paris and Nice, the FM band has been at capacity for years. There is simply no room for new stations. That’s why DAB was introduced and is currently being extended to the whole country. Eventually, all radio broadcasting in France will be done via DAB and FM will be abandonned.

More info on DAB+ stations available in Paris here.

3. ON-AIR via partner stations on DAB+and FM

As of Nov 2022, you will be able to listen to us in Normandy from a new transmitter with call letters “WRNC”. This local partner is a new independent station based in Caen, which is going to produce 4 hours of local content per day and also relay WRP from Paris during the remaining 20 hours.

Other stations around France relay some of our programming on FM, in areas where expats live in large numbers.



Check out Fnac, Darty, Boulanger and any hi-fi/electronics store. 


You can order your DAB+ Radio from Amazon >here

4. APPS for Smartphones

WRP is also available on any smartphone thanks to our apps. Creating and maintaining apps is expensive. This is why we have two versions of the WRP apps:

The free app gives you access to both our stations in low audio quality (32kbps, mono). It will work very well in all areas, including those with poor 3G network coverage and inside the Paris underground metro system.

The paid version will allow you to stream both stations in high audio quality (128kbps, stereo). Choosing the paid version is an easy way for you to support WRP. Thank you for considering this purchase.

Here are the links to our apps, depending on your operating system:

iphone/ipad basic app (0€ – Low audio quality)
iphone/ipad HQ app (3,49€ – High audio quality)

Android basic app (0€ – Low audio quality)
Android HQ app (2,99€ – High audio quality).

If you have any technical questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.