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WRP Newscast

The summary of today’s Paris and French news.

WRP Presents

WRP Presents is a show highlighting in-house reported stories and interviews with persons of interest in and around French culture.

New Arrivals

Tips and tricks to help new arrivals find their feet in Paris, presented by the World Radio Paris staff.

Left Of The Dial

Left of the dial
Local music show hosted by Robert Quinn.

The Earful Tower

Weekly podcast all about Paris, hosted by Oliver Gee.

This is Not a Poem

Delve into the intricacies of translation, poetry, and language with host Elliot KB and guests.

Lost in Frenchlation

A monthly show bringing you a thoughtful look into contemporary French films and cinema, hosted by Manon Kerjean. 

The Paris Property Chronicles

Your guide for finding, purchasing, financing, renovating or renting a property in Paris. Hosted by Yolanda Robbins

The New Paris

A look at the people, places and ideas changing the French capital. Hosted by Lindsey Tramuta.

Turning Points

An interview series with expats settled in Paris. Hosted by Patricia Killeen.

La Belle Vie

A show helping expats with problems faced abroad. Hosted by Mundey Young.

The Cave Sessions

Live performances and in-depth interviews from the Cave Café. Hosted by Mark Harris.

Right To Write

A show on writers in the City of Light. Hosted by Tendayi Chirawu.

Paris Cocktail Talk

Your guide to bars, wine and cocktails in Paris. Hosted by Forest Collins.

Spotlight On France

spotlight on france
A show on the people who make France what it is, and who want to change it. Hosted by Sarah Elzas.

La Vie Creative

A show about creatives in Paris. Hosted by Krystal Kenney.

AUP Student Radio

AUP logo
A bit of talking and a bit of music from the vibrant community of The American University of Paris.

The French History Podcast

A show tracing the history of France. Hosted by Dr. Gary Girod.

Basic Black

An exploration into the stories of mystery and corruption in Paris’ history. Hosted by Cici McNair.

Café Terrance

A focus on books, movies, and music, hosted by Terrance Gelenter.

Petite Frite

Your tongue in cheek week in news. Hosted by Alisdair Gould.

Paname Podcast

A show on the unusual, sometimes macabre, overlooked or ignored stories from Paris’ history. Hosted by Amber Minogue.

The Diary of a Record Shop

Themed music show digging in the archives of the coolest record store in the South of France. With Ian Callen.

The ITER Podcast

A podcast bringing you to the scientists, engineers, and more at ITER.


A fashion show on the news, views and trends in France. Hosted by Charles Daniel McDonald.

Join Us In France

Your guide for travelling in France, hosted by Annie Sargent.

Daily Cultural Tip

Listen to WRP’s Daily Tip to stay up to date on upcoming cultural events!

Bonjour Chanson

A show bringing the best of French songs to English speakers. Hosted by Charles Spira.

Tell Me, Tell Moi

A storytelling series bringing you recorded stories from bars, cafes, open mic nights, street corners, and the studio.

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