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4 friends, 4 different points of view. They only agree on one thing: music rules the world. In this quirky conversational show, the four friends debate all kinds of music-related questions: is Sinatra better than Kanye? Can anyone learn to sing in falsetto? Does a band’s name have to be stupid in order for them to get successful? Put your headphones on and enjoy the ride!

The show airs at 9pm on Fridays on WRP in Paris and Monaco/Nice and is available as a podcast and, of course, right here on this page. Don’t forget to follow @musicandstuffpodcast on Instagram!

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Episode 51 – Homies

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Homies

All four of us come from different parts of the world and we can’t wait to share the music produced by our local talents. From Tijuana to Moscow to Mount Vernon, New York, not forgetting.. um Bishop’s Stortford? We hear it’s really good for discovering music talents. You heard it here first!

Episode 50 – Here Comes the Sun

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Here Comes the Sun

Wanna spend a few days in the sun with your friends and have a perfect playlist? Tune in! We were so tired of gloomy weather, so we prepared a nice selection that will help you chill out in the sun and forget about your worries (just watch your drink in case somebody spikes it like it’s the 60s).

Episode 49 – No Pain No Gain

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - No Pain No Gain

Luckily, not every one of us thinks that running is stupid–in fact, our own Mike is preparing to run a marathon! Let’s help him create a perfect playlist to run a thousand miles or just work out in general. No pain, no gain!

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Episode 48 – First Music Crushes

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - First Music Crushes

BTS or FFS? 😂 We tried to find out which musicians were the most attractive to us when we were growing up and which ones would still get it any time 😛 It’s not ALL about music after all!

Archived shows

Episode 47 – Scandals

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Scandals

This episode is scandalous! And don’t settle for anything less 😀
What do Michael, Kanye, Gloria, Vanilla and George have in common, apart from having some scandalous stories to tell? Even if the answer is “nothing” we’ll be a very grateful audience. Let’s put our seatbelts on and enjoy the ride!

Episode 46 – Side Projects

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Side Projects

In this episode, we won’t only be talking about casas blancas, unless some musician makes them as a side project. Tune in to hear which “sides” are so delicious, they deserve to be the main (ok, we’ll stop with food & architecture references, the episode is actually almost strictly about music <3).

Episode 45 – Easy Like Sunday Morning

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Easy Like Sunday Morning

Did you recently catch yourself listening to the song your dad used to whistle? Congratulations, you’ve reached the age of dad-music appreciation! And we’re not talking about the Beatles or Cream, here comes the stuff you’ve always considered “uncool”. Or too “easy” – like Sunday morning, perhaps?

Tune in to this episode where we were joined by Ben Morse.

Episode 44 – Songs You Love by Artists You Hate

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs You Love by Artists You Hate

Tête à claques in French, those artists have the most punchable faces on the planet. And in spite of that, there are still a couple of songs they wrote that we secretly enjoy. Let’s discover those gems provided by the most smug, obnoxious and utterly annoying human beings in music.

Episode 43 – Live vs. Studio

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Live vs. Studio

Despite the obvious advantages of a studio recording, we love watching our favorite bands play live shows. Even though that polished stereo sound is never quite the same and the singer is often off key. In this episode, we talk about our favorite live shows and what makes them different from a record. Special guest: Sheldon, an awesome drummer from South Africa. 🇿🇦

Episode 42 – Karaoke

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Karaoke

Karaoke: love it or hate it? It might be one of the most basic ways to exchange germs but who can say no, especially with some peer pressure and a good Rod Stewart playback. Get prepared to face the post-Covid world with our karaoke special playlist and lots of pro-tips. This episode is literally to die for!

Episode 41 – Let the Children Boogie

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Let the Children Boogie

Is there anything in the world more touching and cute than children? Children with kittens? No! Children who play or sing in your favorite songs! Today we discuss if it’s appropriate to make those little cuties swear on the record and how much money can a child make if you teach them an instrument. 😏

Episode 40 – R-R-R-R-REMIX

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - R-R-R-R-REMIX

You might think that a “remix” is your favorite song combined with a terrible dance beat. If it were only that simple! Let us introduce you to the best and the worst of the remixes, and don’t fight the urge to dance your worries away!

Episode 39 – Songs that are Twins

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs That Are Twins

Songs that remind us of other songs… or the episode that almost broke us apart! Tune in to find out which song we’d never agree about, and also discover songs that always come in pairs.

Episode 38 – Songs for Pedro

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs for Pedro

One of the pickiest music critics of the 21 century, Pedro owes his reputation to being excruciatingly honest and to challenging any music talent mentioned on “Music and Stuff”. Find out which gems did we select to please our dear Pedro and try winning a dinner with him by suggesting his new favorite artist!

Episode 37 – Solos

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Solos

To make a great music solo it takes a lot of energy and determination, and sometimes it requires going through an entire fart library. Whether it’s a stroke of genius or a carefully planned act, it might leave us breathless… or taking our breath away (especially if it’s a fart solo). Tune in!

Episode 36 – Cities

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Cities

London calling! But also, Paris, Berlin, and Porto… Even though we’re deprived of traveling for now, we can always put on our favorite tune and find ourselves anywhere in the world. Fasten your seatbelts!

Episode 35 – Songs for Mike

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs for Mike

In this episode, we’re taking advantage of the fact that Mike is on holidays to discuss his music tastes and to suggest new music to him. You don’t have to be called Mike to enjoy this by the way!

Episode 34 – Disbanded

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Disbanded

Some people say breakups make you stronger… We sure hope we’ll only be getting harder, better, faster, stronger after this one. 🤞Tune in to hear which other bands breakups we still can’t get over.

Episode 33 – Songs With Names

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs With Names

Why bother and add a name in a song when you can just say “babe”? Well it would be a lot less personal! Here, we talk about our favourite songs that use a person’s name. Believe me, Natalie, Lisa says Nigel is already planning to give it a listen.

Episode 32 – Sticky Songs

Episode cover for music & stuff - sticky songs

Do you sing around the house? Or just impersonate the washing machine? Tune in for the best and worst earworms, or, like we say around here, “sticky songs”!

Episode 31 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Thinking of a reason to make her stay? Well, it shouldn’t be the weather! Let us tell you when the cold is an acceptable subject of the conversation, which music you should be listening to in the winter and what Pedro’s favorite type of snow is. Put your skates on, and enjoy the ride!

Episode 30 – Sacré Bleu !

episode cover for music & stuff - sacre bleu

Oh là là ! Ce sont des anglophones qui chantent en français. It’s getting hot in here! With our very special guest, Peter from Half Stack we’re discussing all the songs where famous musicians test their french speaking skills. On y va, sacré bleu !

Episode 29 – Covers

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Covers

Let’s get the confusion out of the way: we won’t be talking about album covers or bed covers (well, maybe a little, if Blanket is listening). This episode is about musicians who cover another musician’s song and we really like it. That’s unless it’s a cover of the Beatles. Tune in!

Episode 28 – Time Travel

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Time Travel

The greatest minds of our generation dream of time travel… well, apparently your favorite musicians already make you do it just by changing tempo within one song! Let’s listen to some of the coolest songs with a tempo/signature change (we’re not talking about changing or forging your signature here 😀).

Episode 27 – Hidden Gems

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Hidden Gems

Some songs will probably never be famous (unless they’re used in a car commercial), but we love them anyway. In this episode, we’re giving the limelight to some of the more obscure artists we listen to on repeat. They’ll be your new favorites in no time!

Episode 26 – Music &… Books!

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Music &... Books!

To all the bookworms out there! In this episode we’re discussing the best soundtracks from our favorite books (yes, it’s a thing), reading out our beloved bits and deciding if it’s worth putting on Chet Baker and pan frying a steak while reading your favorite Murakami.

Episode 25 – Creepy Lyrics

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Creepy Lyrics

Some people manage to be creepy without even trying. Like Mick Jagger. And some fail even when they proclaim themselves to be so (hello, Thom Yorke!). In this episode, we’re looking at the creepiest and weirdest lyrics out there. Prepare to be creeped out!

Episode 24 – It’s Not for Everyone

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - It's Not For Everyone

Some new sounds are born by accident and some require hours of work and experiments. In any case, the result is not for everyone! Even if it’s only acknowledged by music experts, we’re happy to share the best of the best of experimental music and of some of those trials and errors that are now casually recreated in mainstream music.

Episode 23 – Ho, Ho, Ho

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Ho, Ho, Ho

Wanna get into the Christmas spirit and learn more about the shoe industry along the way? We’ve got you covered. Every holiday season, our favorite musicians make attempts on making Christmas- (or Hanukkah-) related art. Is it all worth our time and money? And what should we be listening to by the tree this season? 🎄

Episode 22 – Why Aren’t They Superstars?

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Why Aren't They Superstars?

Pedro wants to know: why some of his favorite musicians don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve? And who are they? Let’s hear their music and discuss: do they deserve to be famous or are they already too famous for their own good?

Episode 21 – Record Labels

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Record Labels

If you still don’t know what the Big Three are or how many independent labels are there left, tune in! In this episode Pedro, Usman, Mike and Veronika are discussing their favorite record labels, not forgetting the French ones!

Episode 20 – Scrambled Eggs

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Scrambled Eggs

This episode could have been your complete guide to preparing scrambled eggs, or oeufs brouillés. Mais, non ! Because Paul McCartney changed his song title to “Yesterday” at the last minute, we’ll be speaking about other random but fun facts in music that you might have missed. Tune in! Playlist:

Episode 19 – Unconventional Instruments

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Unconventional Instruments

First, Usman named this episode “Exotic Instruments”. Then “Arcane Instruments”. Then “Unusual” and “Unconventional”. All of this, to say: in this episode, you’ll hear some pretty surprising sounds!

Episode 18 – No Lyrics

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - No Lyrics

Ever had nothing to say? Or turned up to your band’s rehearsal with some really bad lyrics? No? Just us, then. In this episode, Pedro, Mike, Usman and Veronika discuss what’s it like when you’re tongue-tied or just really feel like doing an instrumental solo.

Episode 17 – Spooky Songs

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Spooky Songs

Boo! Scared yet? You will be when you listen to this week’s episode with special guest Sadie of Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz. In this Halloween episode we discuss music that makes us shiver with fright and quiver with delight… Tune in!

Episode 16 – 2’42”

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - 2'42"

Ever wondered what a perfect song would be like? We don’t have all the details, but apparently it shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes, 42 seconds. Pretty short, right? Or way too long? Let’s discuss! Playlist:

Episode 15 – Songs for Making Love

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs for Making Love

Do you want to know Mike’s favorite position? Well, you’re in the wrong place! The four friends discuss their favorite music to have sex to, trying their best to stay classy.

Episode 14 – Soundtracks

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Soundtracks

There’s something magical about how music works in combination with images in a great storyline. Is this why we’re so addicted to soundtracks? Sophia Coppola with moody gazes and long conversations, Tarantino and spaghetti westerns and even Italian erotic films from the 70s… Music & Stuff have got you covered.

Episode 13 – Samples

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Samples

You probably know what a sample is, but what about a “splice”? Or a “loop”? Catch up with your music lingo in this latest “Music and Stuff” episode and find the best and the worst examples of sampling.

Episode 12 – Breakup Songs

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Breakup Songs

“Make up, make up, never ever break up”, says the nursery rhyme (according to Mike). Nevertheless, breakups happen and in order to deal with them you need a killer soundtrack. Have a listen to this episode to find out what helps our music gurus get through the gloomiest of times.

Episode 11 – Singing Drummers

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Singing Drummers

They might be called singing drummers or drumming singers, but it’s a musical breed of its own. Tune in to see if our 4 experts can stay on good terms after discussing Ringo’s singing and drum skills.

Episode 10 – Whistles, Claps, & Heys

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Whistles, Claps & Heys

Ever wondered what would that song be without a “hey” or a clap or a Paul McCartney chewing on a celery stick? Our music experts will help you identify the confusing feelings those elements help create. Ho hey!

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Girl Power

Episode 9 – Girl Power

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, it’s a shook up world, according to the Kinks. In this episode, Pedro, Mike, Usman and Veronika discuss if there’s a girl power, or just human power, and of course, where is WAP coming to this equation. Tune in!

Episode 8 – Road Trip Tunes

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Road Trip Tunes

Shotgun! We’re going on a road trip! Get a lot of junk food, fasten your seatbelts and get inspired by Music & Stuff’s summary road trip-inspired playlist! Today, the special guest is Nadeem, the frontman of Parisian rock band Cat Rodeo!

Episode 7 – Childhood Memories

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Childhood Memories

Whether you were born and bred listening to hip-hop, punk or world music, you’ll surely be interested in what influenced the 4 protagonists when they were growing up. They also have no regrets about this playlist:

Episode 6 – One-Hit Wonders

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - One-Hit Wonders

They only had one hit, but it took the world by storm (or in some cases, by Sandstorm). In this episode, Music & Stuff are talking about all those bands that made it to our collective subconscious but whose names we might not even remember. Excited? Us too.

Episode 5 – Collaborations

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Collaborations

Mariah & ODB, Sting & Shaggy, Gordon Ramsay & the turkey sandwich… Can there BE more bizarre collaborations? Music & Stuff names them all. Tune in to hear Music & Stuff’s favourite collabs and what they think of them… It’s not always pretty!

Episode 4 – Guilty Pleasures

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Guilty Pleasures

We all have those songs that we secretly enjoy but would never admit it. After all, there’s nothing better than some Britney to shake your booty on the dancefloor. Which songs were selected by our music experts? There’s only one way to find out! 

Episode 3 – Songs We Love but Don’t Understand

Episode cover for Music & Stuff - Songs We Love but Don't Understand

Tired of endless traveling in the past few months? Us too. This is why we’re discussing songs in this latest episode that will make you travel around the world without leaving your couch. ¡Me gusta!

Episode 2 – Band Names

episode cover for music & stuff - band names

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, wrote Shakespeare. Right? Wrong! How many music projects sank prematurely just because the name didn’t match the music! In this second episode, the four friends discuss band names and see if they translate well from Shakespeare’s language to Verlaine’s.

Episode 1 – Falsetto

episode cover for music & stuff - falsetto

In this first episode, we’re tackling a lifelong question: is falsetto an acceptable way of singing in pop music? That’s right, world famous experts have been stuck on this for decades, and we’re aiming to solve this enigma in just under an hour. Be prepared for a lot of high-pitched singing in this one!