Non-Alcoholic Beer in France

This month we learn about Non-Alcoholic beer in France from Paolo Bouquin of Athletic Brewing Co. We talk about how you make NA beer, who’s drinking it, the ways in which the trend is growing and how the French market is reacting to it.

Products, places and people mentioned in the episode

Athletic Brewing Co

Investors in Athletic Brewing Co:

David Chang of Momofuko

Mathew Fraser Crossfit champion

Tods shoes founder

The New Yorker article referenced in interview: An Ex-Drinker’s Search for a Sober Buzz

Heineken 0.0

Articles shared by Paolo on Athletic Brewing, their programmes, and non-alcoholic beer in France and abroad

Athletic Brewing Co. Is Making Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Cool in 2021

Out of the Penalty Box — Athletic Brewing Company in Stratford, Connecticut

10 Things You Should Know About Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing Donates One Million Dollars Through Its Two for the Trails Program

Athletic Brewing Releases Trailblazer, Non-Alc Pink Boots Society Collaboration Beer

Brave Noise x Athletic Brewing

Beer Kulture and Athletic Brewing Partner for the Return of Soul Sour During Black History Month

Cocktail of the Month: Dan of a New Era

Upside Dawn

6 Fresh Raspberries

.5 ounce / 15 ml fresh lemon juice

.5 ounce / 15 ml agave syrup

.25 ounces / 7 ml apple cider vinegar

2 dashes rose water

Glassware: Collins

Muddle fresh raspberries in a cocktail shaker

Add all ingredients EXCEPT Upside Dawn to shaker with ice

Shake well for 10 seconds

Strain over fresh ice in a Mason Jar or Collins Glass

Top with Upside Dawn

Garnish with fresh raspberries

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Paolo of Athletic Brewing

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