Paris Cocktail Talk introduces “Bee to Bottle” and Erika Spirits

This month’s Bee to Bottle episode covers the importance of bees to the agricultural landscape in France (and elsewhere) and how one small beekeeper at Erika highlights honey with a gin, vodka and mead. 

Our guest is Stephany Saint Faust of Le Saint, a brand development company that focuses on small farmers and helping them get spirits into bottles and on the market.

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Erika spirits

Lexir online platform for craft spirits

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Erika plants

Cocktail of the Month: Bee to Bottle tomato shrub

40 ml / 1.5 oz Erika dry gin

20 ml / ⅔ oz tomato shrub*

10 ml / ⅓ oz mead

Cucumber slices for garnish

Mix together and pour over ice and garnish with cucumber

*Here is a recipe for a tomato shrub

Big thanks to…

Stephany Saint Faust of Le Saint

World Radio Paris for editing and production

Son Little for the music we use

and YOU for tuning in, downloading and listening!

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