As Petite Frite I take a silly, irreverent look at the week’s news. Petit because I am 39 shoe size. (Thirty-nine and a HALF on the right, and shoes just like football are a game of two halves.) Frite because in the north of England frit means scared. Looking back my varied often ridiculous life does seem large on small crises and small on large successes, but rarely dull. However, at fifty, I am on the return journey and more determined than ever to appreciate the funny side of life. Getting a laugh can be the upside of feeling slightly out of control. You may think a confined recording alone is the antithesis of funny. Hell no, you may just think my show is the antithesis of funny. Getting a laugh is a competitive thing within groups. So, I hope you sense a social motive and a warm rather that too cynical voice. In fact, that you do find yourself making better jokes! Comedy…what a carry on!

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