Rosetta Beaugendre – Centre Culturel Irlandais

Patricia Killeen went to meet Rosetta Beaugendre, Head of Communications at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, (CCI) in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, during the Saint Patrick’s festival (10 -20 March).

Rosetta manages a small team of dedicated colleagues with whom her main responsibility is to communicate bilingually the breadth of the CCI’s activities to members of the public, journalists, artists, partners and cultural peers. A notable part of her job is looking after the image and brand of this unique institution that combines the historical with the contemporary, the diplomatic with the trail-blazing.

Patricia and Rosetta spoke about the many wonderful events including two Irish centenary exhibitions, two St. Patrick’s Day party events on Sunday’s 13 and 20 March, the KILA concerts (in partnership with Tourism Ireland) and the “2022 Congress for Ireland” event, Saturday 12 March at 7h30pm. This panel unites four inspiring speakers; Panti Bliss (acclaimed human rights and LGBTQIA+ activist and drag queen) as well as Richard Kearney, Sean Binder and Catriona Crowe. These renowned Irish thinkers and activists will share their aspirations for contemporary Ireland and comment Ireland’s 100-year history of social justice and human rights, history, philosophy, and religion.

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