By Kruti Fayot – A new monthly show focusing on the reality of expats and businesses in Provence

A 5-episode Inspiring Series of conversations with Expats all around the Provence region: from Marseille, to Nice, and smaller towns such as Manosque and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
The series speaks with English-speaking expats about their real lives, challenges and wins but also organisations and businesses here that affect the lives of all who call Provence home. The aim of this series is to shine a light on conversations where people talk about their struggles, dreams, and solutions towards how they not only survive, but shine in Provence!

Episode 5 : Door or Destiny to Provence

How teaching English is often expat’s only solution to employment. Or is it?

Episode 4 :  On the beginning of the new year

2023 has arrived, and resolutions, wishes, successes, and failures come with a new year. A wish that many expats dream of is creating a beautiful life under the brilliant Provence sun. Though that may be easier said than done, I speak with 2 American women who have managed to do just that – but in unique ways! One straddles her life between France & America as a writer and tourist planner, and the other has created her base in Marseille with a marketing agency. 

Episode 3 :  Bah, C’est Noel!

Christmas time is here! If you’re living here in the south of France, I’m sure you can already taste Christmas in the air! Since I’m sure you can buy or make different traditional french desserts and meals thanks to your friends, family or our dearest google, I instead wanted to taste what Christmas is like as a feeling for expats living here.

I’ve found that it’s quite a sensitive subject with two rather opposite perspectives. For one, Christmas represents joy and the lucky conflict of choosing with whom to spend it with, whereas for another it’s a time of some pain where loneliness has a seat at the table. 

Listen to two unique women, one near Nice and another in the Bouches-du-Rhône and let me know if you were surprised, inspired or touched by their stories.

Episode 2 : The Brave and the Crazy

Like the title describes, this episode speaks with people who have been left everything to pursue their dream country life in Provence. 

Hear interviews with Ashley Tinker, creator of @CuriousProvence, who moved to Mollégès in the Alpilles region 9 years ago with her British partner. With no real job, home or friends, their story is riveting and nerve-wrecking! As well as Rudy Giuseppi, a French man living near Manosque in the Alpes-Haute Provence who convinced his Irish partner to move with him to Provence just before Covid. The interview includes an interesting chat about love at first sight, snakes, scorpions, and faux pas in France. If you’re looking for real insight into life in France as well as laughter, you won’t be disappointed!

Episode 1

In the first episode we get an introduction to rose-tinted Provence through a different lens: SCIENCE.
The host Kruti Mawani Fayot, figured out that it’s not just the sun or wine that pulls people towards moving to Provence, but rather how science plays an important role in being one of the reasons why people gravitate here in search for a better quality of life. Speaking with Agathe Mattei, the regional coordinator of Fete de la Science, Laban Coblentz, Communications Director of ITER, Romain Bourgue, a special volunteer with Les Petits Débrouillards & officer at ITER and best of the all, the one that it all boils down to, Maxim, a 10-year-old science lover who will validate whether or not what the big organizations are trying to do hold weight.