By William Hatfield

The show about the story behind the names of the streets of Paris. Claude Rambuteau, Louise Michel, Marx Dormoy… who were these people? Let William tell you their stories.

This show will air at 15:50 on Saturdays and 18:50 on Sundays on WRP.

Episode 7 – Rue de Turbigo

Episode 6 – Jardin Mary Cassatt

Episode 5 – Rue and Pont Riquet

Episode 4 – Eco Quartier Boucicaut

Episode 3 – Rue de Rennes
Episode 2 – Square Louise Michel
Episode 1 – Rue Rambuteau

About William:

A Francophile from Ealing in West London, I lived in Paris for 12 years until 2013 where I worked in marketing as well as doing some session drumming. I also launched the website in 2010. I’m passionate about most things French including 19th-century landscape art, wine and the rugby team Racing 92.