The Best of Périgueux

Is Périgueux on your list of places you might like to visit in France? It’s indeed a great city with roots into the times of the Roman “occupation” of France and a beautiful Renaissance neighborhood. The area is famous for its gastronomy and pleasant way of life.

Let’s get the names straight first. Périgueux is in the Périgord, and isn’t that a tongue twister for English speakers? But today it’s in the department of the Dordogne and the New Aquitaine region, which means it falls under the jurisdiction of Bordeaux for administrative purposes. Long ago the name Périgord covered all the lands that belonged to the counts of Périgord and so you’ll find both names to this day: Dordogne and Périgord.

The city today is about 65,000 people within city limits and 150,000 if you count all the towns that surround it, so it’s a medium size French city.

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