Purchasing a property in Paris can be, dare I say, a “foreign” experience. The Paris Property Chronicles with your host Yolanda Robins will feature guests to help you navigate through the process of finding, purchasing, financing, renovating or renting a property in Paris. Whether a professional or just someone who has gone through the experience, the Paris Property Chronicles will be the go-to guide in finding a property that’s tailored for you.

Paris Property Chronicles airs every second and forth Wednesday on WRP, at 12:30pm and 8pm.

Show 26 – Beyond Paris to Burgundy . . . Again

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, the last before my summer hiatus, we’re back to the French countryside in Burgundy where my guest, Bryan Common who with his husband, purchased and restored a village town house in 2010. Let’s hear how this Canadian chose his country home in the Burgundy region, just two hours beyond Paris. 

Show 25 – MAG Designs

In this episode, my guest is Mathilde Grouvel founder of MAG Designs, an interior design studio based in Paris focusing on residential and commercial projects for international clients. Let’s hear how this design maven can help you transform your property in Paris. 

Show 24 – Perfectly Paris

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guest is Gail Boisclair, founder and manager of Perfectly Paris, a furnished rental agency she began in 2001 with one small cottage in picturesque Montmartre. Let’s hear how this Canadian native turned her small business into a network of beautifully appointed rentals which suits her loyal customer base travelling to Paris, just perfectly. 

Show 23- My Paris Touch

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guest is Delphine Briere, founder and principal of My Paris Touch, assisting expats in navigating the complex and elaborate French administration with ease. After two decades of working in investment banking, Delphine transformed her corporate skill set to become an essential asset to her clients. Let’s hear how this administrative guru can simplify your Parisian life by applying her Paris Touch.

Show 22 – Girl Meets Glass in Paris

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my special guest is Tanisha Townsend, the chief wine officer of Girl Meets Glass, and podcast hostess of the Wine School Dropout. Tanisha left her life in Chicago and a career in computer forensics behind and reinvented herself as a wine and spirits ambassador. Let’s hear how Paris inspired Tanisha to turn her wine tasting hobby into a passion she now shares with an international audience, one glass at a time.

Show 21 – Beyond Paris to Normandy & Loire

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, I continue my Beyond Paris series with, Donna McDougall, a veterinary surgeon who relocated to Normandy with her partner in 2012 and purchased a 1000-year old chateau. But in a dramatic turn of events, Donna was unexpectedly forced to navigate the renovations of the property all on her own, even without knowing much French. Let’s hear how this Australian native triumphed over tragedy and rediscovered love again, this time on the golf course, Beyond Paris in Normandy and the Loire Valley.

Show 20 – Beyond Paris to Bordeaux

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my guest in the BEYOND PARIS series Kimberly Farrell who along with her husband Steve owned a pied-a-terre in Paris for over a decade. In 2018, they purchased an historic winemaker’s house on small vineyard in a hamlet near Saint-Emilion. Let’s hear how Kimberly and her family enjoyed their time in Paris and look forward to spending time in their eventual retirement home Beyond Paris in the Bordeaux region. 

Show 19 – Beyond Paris to Burgundy

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, I continue my BEYOND PARIS series with my guest Allison Zinder, a gastronomy expert who has lived in France for over 25 years. Allison shares her passion of French food, culture, history and art as a guide, storyteller and educator. She with her life partner, David and their 3-year old twins live in the 20th district of Paris but recently purchased and are in the process of renovating an old farmhouse in Burgundy. Let’s hear how Allison plans to extend her passion of French gastronomy Beyond Paris. 

Show 18 – Beyond Paris to Provence

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my first guest in the Beyond Paris series is Judy Miller, who with her husband Bruce relocated to Paris from Michigan in 2007. After living in Paris for several years they made their way to Toulouse, but have since settled in the medieval town of Vaison la Romaine. Lets her how Judy and Bruce made their way Beyond Paris to the Vaucluse region in Provence via la ville rose.

Show 17 – Currency Exchange

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my guest is Guillaume Tardivat, Account Manager France with Currencies Direct. Since 1996, Currencies Direct has been assisting clients with international money transfers at rates which are highly competitive to traditional banks.  Whether you’re interested in making a one-time or recurring transfer, let’s hear how Guillaume and his team can assist you with your currency exchange needs when buying a property in Paris. 

Show 16 – Immigration in France 

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guest is Shawn Quinn, a US and French practising attorney who is registered with both the New York and French Bar. Shown who is originally from upstate New York relocated to France in 2010 as a following spouse. Let’s hear how this native NY attorney can assist you with your long-stay visa, residency or citizenship and residency issues in France.

Show 15 – Obtaining a Mortgage in France

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my guest is Tahminae Mandani, founder and managing director of France Home Finance. A digital financial services firm providing French real estate, loans, mortgages, insurance and even assisting non-residents with opening a French bank account. Let’s hear how this financial services entrepreneur can assist you with obtaining a mortgage to finance the purchase of your home in France.

Show 14 – French Property Taxes, Part 2

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guest is once again property tax lawyer Arnaud Colson of GV Avocats.  Arnaud is back to continue our conversation on French property taxes, but this time we focus on what to expect from capital gains taxes when selling a secondary residence and the tax implications of receiving a property through an inheritance or donation. Let’s hear how this Parisian tax attorney can assist you in preparing for your property tax obligations in Paris.

Show 13 – The List

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my guest is Dean Johansson a chemist and business owner from Vancouver who shares the key to his success in finding, purchasing and renovating a property in Paris, which starts with THE LIST. What prompted Dean to create his list? It all began when he was a young man and saw someone from his tiny hotel room enjoying their morning coffee on the 5th floor balcony of a dreamy Haussmannien style building.  Let’s hear how Dean can help you create and prioritise YOUR list when searching for a property to purchase in Paris. 

Show 12 –  Love, Franco-American Style 

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guests are Thanh and Jim Stukas, a Franco-American couple for whom I recently managed the redesign and restructure of their living space in the 20th arrondissement. They’ll tell us how they met thanks to the filmmaker, François Truffaut while studying at the University of Notre Dame. Although they eventually married and started a family in Thanh’s native city of Paris, it wasn’t long before they relocated to New York City where they lived for several years. Let’s hear how this Franco-American family bridges the cross-cultural divide with ease.

Show 11 – French Property Taxes

You know about the “taxe foncière” and “taxe d’habitation”, but did you know if your property is worth more than €1.3 million, you may be subject to the real estate wealth tax or IFI? Find out more in this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles during my conversation with my guest, Arnaud Colson, a partner with the law firm GV Paris Avocats. Arnaud who was born, raised, and educated in Paris, is responsible for the firm’s tax and business practices.  Before becoming a partner at GV Paris, he worked with international firms such as Ernst & Young, as well as Baker & Mackenzie. Let’s hear how this Parisian tax attorney can give you a primer on your property tax requirements in Paris. 

Show 10 – Shop-girl Buys Pied-à-Terre in Paris 

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles my guest is Jasmine Tan, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who is the CEO, CFO, stylist, and shopgirl all rolled into one at her urban emporium, Picnic SF. After years of visiting Paris with her family, in 2016 she purchased and renovated a 35m2 bijou apartment in the 17th district. Let’s hear how this shop-girl realised her dream and became the owner of a pied a terre in Paris.

Show 9 – French Entrée & Brexit

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, my guest is Alistair Lockhart, Property Director for French Entrée a leading resource for Anglophones interested to purchase property in or relocate to France. Alistair’s love of France began in the Normandy region as a youngster and blossomed when he met his wife-to-be in 2001. He and his family have lived throughout France, including Paris and the Dordogne. Before joining French Entrée in 2018, he acquired an extensive background in French real estate, digital marketing and sales and is now responsible for French Entrée’s property, mortgage and currency business. Let’s hear how Alistair can assist you with your entrée into French property.

Show 8 – An American in Paris & Brittany – Part 2

In this show of Paris Property Chronicles, Yolanda’s guest is Kate Woodman, another American in Paris and Brittany. Kate’s love of France first led her to the city of lights and then to Bretagne where she purchased a cottage just 20 minutes from the coast. Since retiring to France in 2017, she joined the Paris Choral Society and started her blog, Kate’s Paris and Beyond. Let’s hear how even in retirement, Kate keeps herself busy in the country and the city. 

Show 7 – An American in Paris & Brittany

In this episode, my guest is Michael Edelstein, an American who relocated to Paris in 1998.  After meeting his now French husband, Stephane, they purchased and renovated properties in Paris and on the French coast in Brittany. Listen to their experiences in France and what destination this international couple have set their sights on for their next property project.

Show 6 – Legal & Tax Issues

In this episode of the Paris Property Chronicles, Yolanda’s guest is Sara Bystrom, an international attorney based in Paris. Before Sara founded her firm in 2010, she was the in-house legal officer at Branded Entertainment Network founded by Bill Gates in 1989.  Her firm which caters to international clients provides legal, tax and financial services. Lets hear how Sara can assist you with your legal needs as relates to your property in Paris. 

Show 5 – Working From Home and Feng Shui

Today’s guest on Paris Property Chronicles is Michelle Pozon, a life-long practitioner of Feng-Shui. Many of us found ourselves unexpectedly working from home during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Michelle shares her thoughts on the importance of Feng Shui and other wellness principles when creating your home-office while staying connected in Paris. 

Show 4 – SQ1 & The Property Market

Yolanda’s guest today is Alexa Robertson, a former notaire and founder of SQ1, a boutique real estate agency. Alexa takes us back to square one, as she shares her thoughts on the Paris property market in the age of COVID-19. 

Show 3Renting in Paris

Yolanda’s guest today is Marie Pistinier, founder and principal of LOKIM and Paris Be a Part of It, an agency with a portfolio of 500 furnished apartments throughout the Paris region. With over 15 years of experience, let’s find out how Marie can help you be a part of real estate in Paris.

Show 2 – Elastic

Nicole is my guest today and is the founder of Elastic, an architectural and design firm here in Paris. Let’s hear how she can stretch the limits of your space.

Show 1 – Introduction to the show

Yolanda Robins and Yuanist Woods discuss this radio show’s concept, along with Yolanda’s background as realtor in Paris.