What Are the Best Gallo-Roman Sites in France?

We have tens of thousands of Gallo-Roman sites in France. Some are big and attract a lot of visitors, some are still just a pile of rocks that you’re not supposed to touch. Don’t worry, today we’ll talk about the big sites, the ones that boggle the mind. And many of them are so big that you walk all over them and YES! you can touch!

Narbonne and Lyon were the most important cities in France during Gallo-Roman times. But that’s not where you can see the best Roman ruins today.

Annie and Elyse don’t agree about what vestiges are worth visiting. For example Annie thinks that what’s left of the Roman theater in Toulouse is underwhelming. It’s a fine place to walk your dog if you live nearby, but don’t make a trip around the world just to see that! On the other hand the Saint Raymond Museum which specializes in this time period is impressive in Toulouse.