Non-commercial radio stations in France, such as WRP, are very limited in the number and type of ads they can run on the air ; as a consequence, WRP only sells the last minute of the hour (just before the top-of-the hour newscast) to advertisers via our in-house ad-agency WorldRadioAdvertising.

WorldRadioAdvertising can create your radio ad, from scripting to recording, and scheduling it on WRP at the best times to reach your potential customers like no other media can. 

We will air your ad at various times during the day to reach the highest number of listeners efficiently. Our initial package comes with 5 airplays per day for an entire month, at different times each day, so that all listeners will get a chance to hear it. In addition, your ad will be included in our podcasts.

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WRP is the only English-language radio station licensed to broadcast in France, in Paris, along the Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Antibes), in Normandy, which means that around 15 million people can tune in to WRP in their cars.

Besides, tuning in via our smarphone apps and online is made very easy. WRP is every expat’s best friend, all day long, with news and variety shows from France and the rest of the world, 24/7.

Call us on +33 6 51 59 88 33 or email to talk to our sales team and start advertising on WRP today !