WRP welcomes Kentingtons as station sponsor

With more than 40 hours of BBC World Service shows broadcast every week, WRP is the only place in Paris where you’ll hear the unrivalled quality of one of the world’s most-trusted broadcasters.

Speaking of trusted brands, we’re delighted to welcome Kentingtons – tax and investment consultants – as our new station sponsor. You’ll be hearing their name regularly, around our live relays of the BBC.


If you live in France, but you own properties or assets elsewhere in the world, the chances are you could be paying more tax than necessary – whether that’s income tax, capital gains or property/wealth tax.

France might have an image as being a high-tax country – but there are almost as many investment options and ways to save tax here as there are types of cheese.

Kentingtons are experts in tax, investment and financial advice for private individuals of all nationalities living in France.

Saving tax: WRP’s own tip

We’re a radio station – not financial advisers – which is probably for the best. But we can recommend a tax-efficient way to save money on your corporation tax if you own a French business.

Corporate sponsorship (mécénat d’entreprise in French) is a means of associating your business with WRP as a financial supporter. Your company is identified on-air regularly as a generous supporter of WRP, which is great for brand recall.

In return, you can claim back 60% of the amount donated as a rebate on your annual corporation tax (impôt sur les sociétés, up to a maximum 0.5% of your company’s revenue).

Sound interesting? Get in touch and we’ll explain more.