By Mundey Young

Welcome to Living la Belle Vie, with Mundey Young – Life and Expat Coach. The show will help expats with the problems they face living aboard. I will be giving tips and advice, sharing stories, interviewing expats and providing resources expats need to live their best life.

Steffi Adventures Moving Abroad & Learning a Language in a Pandemic.

In this episode I am speaking with Steffi Montague, she is a UK expat currently living in Bavaria, Germany. She never intended on being an expat, but a job opportunity for her boyfriend unexpectedly led her to Germany in 2019 and the rest is history! As well as her ‘day job’, she’s also a passionate copy and content writer. Her own blog, Adventures of Steffi, explores life & language as a first time expat, with honest and frank stories about life in Germany, always with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure.


Instagram: @theadventuresofsteffi

Facebook: @theadventuresofsteffi

Expat to Expat: How to Build a Community

In this episode I am speaking with Rossella Davi, Social Media Manager of Expat Magazine. The Expat Magazine is a blog from expat to expat with the aim to build a community where expats are all free to share their experiences, stories and top tips. This magazine is a great way for expats to support each other and for their voices to be heard.

The blog: 


What is Intercultural Communication? Why is it Important?

In this episode I will be speaking with Sundae Bean an intercultural specialist, who has been coaching & teaching expats and l working with large corporations for over a decade. She helps people enhance their intercultural competence and resilience so they can make most of their lives and business abroad.

How Wellness Can Help You deal with Your Struggles Abroad

In this episode I will be talking with Leigh Bodin who is an Internationally qualified personal trainer, and nutrition and lifestyle coach with her company Fit Nutrition, she offers in-person and online personal and group fitness. She will be sharing her expat story and how fitness helped her deal with the struggles of living abroad.

Global Parenting

In this episode about global parenting on how you can better prepare to assist your children who are cross culture or third culture kids. I will am speaking with Conny Lexa (Cornelia Asanger-Lexa) is a Cross-Cultural Consultant specialised in Expat Spouses, and Third Culture Kids and has more than 25 years’ experience as a Coach of working with senior leaders, groups, teams and parents from more than 35 different countries. She has moved across Europe over the last 15 years while raising her three active daughters, who are third-culture-kids (TCKs) themselves, which is what led her on the journey to helping other expat spouses and families who face challenges while living aboard.

You can find all the information here: 

Website is: 

Global Parenting Program: @globalparenting and the same on FB

Finding your identity as a woman in France

 In this episode I am speaking with AUGUSTINE BLAISDELL author of  WOMEN À LA MODE which is the a deeply personal memoir about writing a book about feminist in Paris. Stuck for answers in the States, she embarked on an impulsive journey to France. What she found would redefine femme forever. Blaisdell leads an international literary salon online as well as teaches the courses French Feminists on the Beach, Counterpoint, and Writing Into the Known. Augustine

For more information about Augustine Blaisdale go here: 


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California Dreamin’ in the Côte d’Azur

Focus on progress not perfection

In this Episode ”Focus on Progress Not Perfection” I am speaking with Dominique Narciso who is a Certified High Performance Coach, host of the Positive Success Show, and an international speaker on Success, Positivity, and Leadership. She is also the author of “Live Your New Story: Discover Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life.” She has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Indonesia, Washington DC, California, Peru, and South Korea. She will be sharing with us how she was able to reinvent herself, and continue to progress even when her location  and circumstances kept changing.

You can find Dominique on Instagram @domnarciso or Linked-In @DominiqueNarciso. 

Getting a handle on your finances abroad

In this episode I am speaking with Lisa R. Mitchell, MBA, she is Speaker, Writer  and specialist in international personal finance. She has a very popular blog “Called Living a Global Lifestyle”  Lisa is an innovative Global Executive and Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. She provides people who live aboard the tools and resources to understand how to manage their finances. 
W: www.livingalgoballifesetyle.comBlueprint:
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IG: @livingaglobalife 
Twitter: @livaglobalife
Clubhouse: @lisarmitchell

Navigating French Visas

In this Episode I will be speaking with Allison Grant Lounes. Allison is the Founder of France Formation, and has been helping foreigners move to France, get the right visas, and navigate French administration since 2012. She helps those who are struggling to navigate the French bureaucratic procedures, and provide them with all the tools and support they need. She is also the author of “Fool Proof French Visas” which helps you find the right visa if you’re looking to come to France. She will be sharing her expat story and she will be giving you some tips on how if you’re looking to come or stay in France to live and work how you can find your way.



The Art of Being a Diplomatic Spouse

In this episode I will be speaking with Alexandra Paucesau diplomatic spouse and Author of “Just a Diplomatic Spouse” She gives us an inside look at diplomatic life. The book is a collection of events that occurred over a period of more than ten years, showing the rules of diplomatic protocol, ranking, and advice for other people at the beginning of a similar journey and also a collection of valuable travel and even shopping tips! Here are the links to find Alexandra

Taking Care of Mental Health Abroad

In this interview I will be speaking with Andrea Brankin who writes about mental health and expat issues, as well as lifestyle articles, for several expat publications, including The Finder Singapore, Living in Singapore magazine, and the Bamboo Telegraph. She is a self-published author of a book called Bipolar Phoenix which is about her life with bipolar disorder. She continues to share her story on Facebook LIVE web show, called Bipolar Phoenix Andrea. She also hosts the web talk show, Sceptrhood Talk, for Sceptrhood Group, a women’s empowerment group. She is going to be sharing with us the importance of mental health as an expat and giving her top 3 tips of advice to make sure you’re taking care of your mental health while aboard.

Business Sales Strategies for International Women Entrepreneurs

I speak with Tessa Drayton who is an award winning Saleswoman, Business Consultant & Business Growth Strategist. She has been featured in ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News and more . She helps Women Coaches and SME Business Owners create, automate and scale their businesses to 6 figures.

Tessa is the Founder of Business Growth Consultants, this brand was created with a global vision in mind to support the ever growing number of Business Women so they can be location independent and take steps towards inclusive growth.

She will be sharing her expat story and she will be giving some tips on how women who have an international lifestyle such as : expats or Digital Nomads how they can grow their businesses even if they are moving from place to place.

Tess Drayton contacts:

When Your Dream Move to France is Not What You Expected

In this episode I will talk about the pitfalls that some anglophones experience when they move to France and how to avoid them. Also, if you are thinking of moving to France things you can do to help prepare for the transition. Need Help with your transition? You can contact me at:

How you can use Astrology for Transformation and Manifestation with Astrologer Yasmin Boland

In this episode I will be talking with Yasmin Boland an astrologer, moonologer and  best-selling Hay House author. We will  be talking about how you can use astrology as a tool for transformation and manifestation. If you would like to learn more about moonology or astrology you can go to her site or If have any further questions you can contact me on my site

From Student to Citizenship in France with Fernanda Kascher Xavier

Today Mundey will be speaking with Fernanda Kascher Xavier on how she went from student to citizen in France. Mundey and Fernanda discuss her journey from Brazil to France and how she was able to start her professional career here, and all the ups and downs that come with that when you are learning the language and finding your way. Fernanda is a  certified psychologist and speaks 3 languages (Portuguese, French & English). If you are looking for someone in this area, you can find her information here:

My (Part-time) Paris Life

In this episode, Mundey speaks with Lisa Anselmo, author of My (Part-time) Paris Life. They discuss how Lisa’s journey to Paris was a way of healing, becoming and starting a new. Lisa gives her insights, tips and advice on how to chase your dreams and what living a life walking and living in the streets of Paris is really like! You can contact Lisa at : or

3 Steps to do Before You Start a New Business in France.

This show will help you prepare for starting your business in France. I give three steps that are essential to think about before going out and offering your services to the public.

How to Stay Productive During The Quarantine Coronavirus

In this episode I will be giving you 7 tips on how to stay productive during the quarantine.

Get Your Career Off the Ground in Paris and France

This episode is about how to get your career off the ground in Paris and France by using your anglophone skills to stand out and be unique. I will be interviewing Rebecca Devaney, a client I have been working with for a year now and is Paris’ go to person for haute couture embroidery. She will be giving insight and advice on her journey of how she broke into the Fashion world in Paris. So if your looking for tips on how to get started in the job market in France, this is great episode for you .If you would like more information on Rebecca’s Tours and Classes you can find it here on her website: or contact me at

Vision 2020

Create your vision for 2020. In this episode we are talking about why creating a vision for the your is important. Creating a vision can help you to set that road map to get you to where you want to go in life. If you would like to like a free create your vision workbook please contact me at :