With Doctor Gary Girod

The French History Podcast is a show that traces the history of France and its people from 3 million years ago to present, presented by Dr. Gary Girod. World-renowned scholars guest host the podcast to share their exciting new research in special episodes.

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Episode “Women Secret Agents in WW2 with Dr. Kate Vigurs” description: Author and public historian Dr. Kate Vigurs divulges the remarkable history of the 39 women secret agents of the SOE. Trained in Britain, these spies from across the world parachuted into France where they organized the maquis, coordinated with the Allies and skirmished with the Nazi occupiers. Nancy Wake, Virginia Hall, Violette Szabo and Noor Inayat Khan are just some of the names of the daring women who risked, or even gave their lives for the liberation of France.

Dr. Gary Girod received his Ph.D. from the University of Houston. His dissertation was on the development of government-directed mass surveillance on citizens in Britain and France during World War I. Aside from serving as a public educator, Dr. Girod is an author with two published novels