Introducing Lost in Frenchlation on WRP

WRP and Lost in Frenchlation collaborate on a show to bring you a thoughtful look into contemporary French filmsas well as an occasional look back to the films the shaped French cinema as a whole. Our host is Manon Kerjean, founder of Lost in Frenchlation.

Lost in Frenchlation is a cinema club screening contemporary French films with English subtitles in theaters around France. The club is based primarily in Paris and the events include drinks beforehand and often a discussion with someone connected to the making of the film, after.

World Radio Paris will be recording with Manon Kerjean as she interviews directors, actors, writers, and other cinema professionals about French Cinema at the events. We will interview spectators, and occasionally take a deep dive into cinema history in the upcoming episodes.


To find out more about Lost in Frenchlation and their upcoming screenings visit: