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WRP Presents is a new show highlighting stories reported by the WRP team, interviews with persons of interest, and segments delving into French politics, culture, and life.

“Freedom of the press is perhaps the freedom that has suffered the most from the gradual degradation of the idea of liberty. “

Albert Camus


Seeking justice for Police Brutality in France with guest Anne-Sophie Simpere

World Radio Paris’ Newest Reporter Yannick Champion-Osselin interviews Anne-Sophie Simpere about her book Police Partout Justice Nulle Part? (Police everywhere, justice nowhere?) on police brutality during protests in France. 

Anne-Sophie Simpere worked for several years for Amnesty International France on issues of police violence. She is a lawyer and communicator by training, she has also worked for environmental NGOs – Amis de la Terre, Greenpeace, Bankwatch and Samata.

Find Anne Sophie Simpere on social media @asimpere, and her recently published book with Massot publishers.

This Episode was hosted by Yannick Champion-Osselin, Produced by ARBL Murray, created by World Radio Paris, and recorded in our studios in Paris, France.