By Mundey Young

Welcome to Living la Belle Vie, with Mundey Young – Life and Expat Coach. The show will help expats with the problems they face living aboard. I will be giving tips and advice, sharing stories, interviewing expats and providing resources expats need to live their best life.

Traveling: Always Saying Goodbye

In today’s episode I am speaking about the constant goodbyes we have to deal with when living and traveling abroad with Oyku Api,  who is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation and has worked in the HR field for 14 years. She co-authored a book called She Dares with 36 other women around the globe. Öykü is a wanderlust who has visited more than 55 countries and currently lives and works in Dubai. 

Building a Life Abroad on Unstable Ground 

In today’s episode I will be talking with Daniel De Biasi founder of the podcast, Emigrant’s Life where he showcases the stories of people who venture to live abroad. He will be sharing his story. When he was just 27 years old, Daniel left Italy for a new adventure in New Zealand. He quit a secure job, against the advice of many, and boarded a plane with no English and no idea what would come next. What followed was four and a half years of living his dream life. Because moving to a new country was such an eye-opening experience, Daniel decided to do it again. So he moved to Canada with the hopes of making it his permanent home. The immigration process was crazy and stressful, but he persevered and is now living his Canadian dream!

Everything Has Its Season

In this episode I am speaking with Juanita Ingram an award-winning attorney, filmmaker, author, fashion philanthropist, and actress. She is the creator on the THE EXPATS SHOW: INTERNATIONAL INGRAMS that chronicles the international adventures and struggles of a black American family living, working, and learning abroad. The 20 episodic series covers everything from navigating new cultures, schooling, health scares, Black Lives Matter abroad, and even COVID-19 as experienced in Asia.

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Break the French Language Barrier

In this episode Mundey speaks to Ines Lluch Del Campo, a native french teacher and neurolanguage coach. She helps her clients improve their French, overcome their fears, and break through the language barrier to feel more confident using the language.