New weekend shows on WRP

Starting in August, WRP is thrilled to announce the addition to 4 new shows to our weekend line-up. These shows are aired throughout the USA and Canada on hundreds of public radio stations and they are now making their way to France thanks to WRP.

TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE is a cultural and current affairs two hour program (which will air at 10am on weekends on WRP) produced in Minneapolis. It’s one of the longest running radio show in the history of Public Radio.

THE PULSE is a medical-oriented radio show, dealing with a wide array of themes within the sector of health and well-being. It is going to air at 11am on Saturdays.

SNAP JUDGEMENT is a weekly fast paced news and cultural radio show appealing to a younger urban and dynamic audience but it’s a great listen for all. Airs on Sundays at 11am.

INSIDE EUROPE is returning to WRP, from our German partner station Deutsche Welle. It brings listeners a long format investigative reporting about important issues this week in Europe. It airs on Mondays at 6am.

We have always tried, year after year, to bring you the best possible radio programming appealing to a broad English-speaking audience in France. This is thanks to you, our loyal listeners and supporters, who through your regular financial donations make all of this possible. Thank you!