Paris history with Claudine Hemingway on La Vie Creative

On episode 107 of the show La Vie Creative we learn about the history of Ile Saint Louis. Claudine Hemingway is a writer and historian and we’ll be broadcasting more episodes of the historical podcast on La Vie Creative, so stay tuned for that! Here’s some info about Claudine Hemingway taken from her website linked below:

“In the spring of 1972 my grandparents ventured off for a trip to Paris for the very first time. My grandfather being the ever curious traveler, he loved spending his days exploring the cobbled streets that he could walk on for hour after endless hour, and his daily one man gratinee de l’ogninon hunt looking for the best bowl he could find in Paris. Wondering the streets taking countless photo after photo and documenting what he did in his journals, he fully lived and took in all the amazing things that Paris has to offer.  On April 22, 1972 he made a note. “bought Claudine a Paris dress, hat and little shoes today” I wish I could remember what that dress looked like. I’m sure it was very chic and maybe also was the basis of my love of shoes, but it certainly started my love of Paris.  

My grandfather would wake up early, while my grandmother still slept and he would grab his camera bag and take off to explore the city. Stopping to sit outside with a coffee and a croissant, watching the people scurry by on their way to work. Climbing to the top of Notre-Dame de Paris and getting the many gargoyles frozen on film and overlooking the horizon of zinc covered roofs, bridge after bridge and the Eiffel Tower as the little crown on the landscape.”

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