Society turns to creators when they want to relax, celebrate and escape because, let’s face it, sometimes life is a dumpster-fire that needs escaping. 2020, I’m looking at you!  But where do creators fill their creative wells so they can create for everyone else? Right to Write Paris is a show about writers who fill each other’s creative wells by writing together once a month at the American Church in Paris Writers Group. They write alone, too, finding inspiration in the City of Light Paris and home to many great writers. Listen to full episodes and get more information on Tendayi here:

Show 21 – Dr. Laurent Hassid

Dr. Laurent Hassid is the author of Une géopolitique de la Slovénie published by la Route de la Soie, June 2021, Paris:

He is a researcher at the laboratory PLEIADE, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord: Laurent runs a blog on the subject of borders called Beyond Border Lines.

Show 20 – Maria D’Arcy

Ms D’Arcy graduated in education with merit in philosophy, psychology and sociology from Notre Dame in Scotland, then followed voice and theatre training at The Gaiety school of Acting in Dublin where she learned the skill of creating vivid backgrounds to bring credulity to the characters. She became an oral storyteller specialising in the literary texts of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Robert Burns and for the last two years has been reading/enacting extracts from her own novel, Seventh Heaven Seven Perceptions, too in Paris where she now lives. 2022, being the centenary of Ulysses she was invited to do a costumed photo shoot at The Irish Embassy and appeared on stage at the commemorations held at Le Centre Cuturel Irlandais and the renowned bookshop Shakespeare and Company.

Show 19 – Louloua

Louloua Smadi is the co-founder of All Brains Grow and author of From Client to Clinician: The Transformative Power of Neurofeedback Therapy for Families Living with Autism and Other Special Needs. As a neurotherapist, her passion for neurodiversity and brain health stems from her experience with her autistic brother. Louloua has a master’s in neuroimaging from King’s College London and received her board certification in neurofeedback. 

Show 18 – Carine
Carine has been a big fan of reading for years, and in 2020 she created the Instagram account, ‘bookstagrameuse_addict’, in order to share her literary opinions. Her reading is quite diverse but she prefers the cosy mystery genre. Sometimes she also does press work for authors and publishers. You can keep up with her reading adventures on Instagram @bookstagrameuse_addict

Show 17 – Jim Rushing

J · Rushing is an American writer whose work blends elements of adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and horror to create worlds that feel as familiar as they do foreign.

He is a musician, amateur luthier, and former teacher who first traded the microbreweries and Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest for the bustle and beauty of Paris. After nearly three years in the City of Light, he and his wife settled near Zürich, Switzerland where they spend much of their time traveling and immersing themselves in the outdoors.

Show 16Alan B. Gibson

Author Alan B. Gibson wrote his first novel following an eclectic life as a language professor, advertising executive, and entrepreneur. For most of his adult life, he wrote and produced television, radio, print, and digital commercials and built his reputation as one of the most innovative and creative in entertainment advertising.
After four decades writing in the constraints of thirty and sixty-second commercials, he made the switch to long-form novel writing. He’s published three best-selling thrillers under the pen name A. B. Gibson, The Dead of Winter, High Voltage, and Tracked to Kill. He made his debut in Urban Fantasy with the late 2019 release of Summer Thunder. He plans to release his second in the series, Summer Heat and is currently writing Summer Lightning.
His first book, The Dead of Winter, is the inspiration for a feature film expected to shoot mid 2022.
Gibson serves as Co-founder and Chairman of, a video social engagement platform that often competes for time with his writing. He currently resides in the small town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Show 15 – Richard Zimler

Richard Zimler’s novels have been translated into 23 languages and have appeared on bestseller lists in 12 countries. His new work – The Incandescent Threads – will be published in the summer of 2022 by Parthian Books. This novelwas previously named one of the Books of the Year by the two major bookstore chains in Portugal, where Richard has lived since 1990. It was a Number 1 bestseller there and is the latest work in Richard’s Sephardic Cycle, a group of independent novels that explore the lives of different generations of a Portuguese-Jewish family. The other books in this series are The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Hunting Midnight, Guardian of the Dawn and The Seventh Gate.  

Richard has lived in Portugal since 1990. In 2017, he was awarded Porto’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor. His website is     

Facebook: Twitter: @RichardZimler

Show 14 – Kseniya Navazhylava

Kseniya Navazhylava is a researcher and professor at the Ecole de Management Leonard de Vinci in Paris, La Defence,  a journalist and a writer. Born in Minsk, Belarus she made it through four universities in three different countries to France where she successfully defended a PhD in Management at HEC Paris. Her professional career started with a position of international correspondent at an economic department of a national newspaper in Belarus. After 11 years of daily issues she decided to shift careers and transferred to Academia, where she now works on topic intersecting technology, identity and well-being. Her academic works have been published as look chapters and as articles in Organisation and Journal of Business research. Her poetry translation work, a self-illustrated book of translations from Marina Tsvetaeva entitled Between Paris and Moscow can be found on Amazon under a pen name Xenia Nova. Now she’s working on her third novel. 

You can learn more about Kseniya’s work and check out her book recommendations on her social media and professional pages: 

Linked In–

Research centre website —

Instagram — @kasjka 

The “Birds of Feather” book club’s address:

Show 13 – Mira’s Book Reviews

This week on Right to Write, Tendayi interviews Mira. Mira is a 21 year-old masters student at the University College of London. She grew up in Paris but was born in India. She is currently studying biomedical imaging and is passionate about medicine and healthcare. Alongside her academics, she enjoys watching movies and reading books. In her free time, she writes book and film reviews on her Instagram page: @reviewswithmira
Check out her page and reach out for some book or movie recommendations!

Show 12 – Audrey Marin-Pache

Born in 1989 in Saint Brieuc, I have always had my nose in a book. First the classics, and then, very quickly, I fell into the imaginary worlds of science fiction, and fantasy, all genres captivated me. Writing them myself was the next logical step…For years, I invented my stories, for myself, timidly, unable to take the step of publishing. Until my children were born: how could I explain to them that they should follow their dreams, if I myself was not capable of doing so? Find out more about this dynamic author by going to