The Earful Tower: Jewish Paris – Famous Falafels to Moving Museums

J is for Jewish Paris. In this episode, Oliver takes you walking through the Jewish quarter of Paris to try to understand what’s going on there.

Edith de Belleville, a licensed tour guide, author, and expert on Jewish history, writes him an itinerary of what to find, including:

  • The Shoah Memorial
  • The Museum of Jewish Art and History
  • The As du Fallafel restaurant

You can find more from Edith here:

During his cultural and culinary explorations, Oliver bumps into Jewish history guide Karen Reb Rudel who explains more about Jews in Paris. Find her tours on Sightseeker’s Delight:

Then Oliver tracks down the head honcho at L’As du Fallafel, Yomi Peretz, to understand how his restaurant got so popular.