The New Paris: On Lebanese food in Paris, dining, and career shifts with chef Rita Higgins

Of all the cuisines that have had a presence in Paris but always deserved to be more prominent, Lebanese cooking ranks high among them. France is home to the largest Lebanese diaspora in Europe so it’s no surprise that key dishes and ingredients are familiar to many diners. But most establishments hew to classics— that is until the opening of Kubri on the rue Amelot at the end of last year that has lent a creative, contemporary twist. That’s thanks to today’s guest and tremendously talented chef, Rita Higgins. We talk about her foray into food, how she updates Lebanese cooking for Paris, and why she thinks it’s been such a hit with Parisian diners.  

Mentioned in this episode: 

Kubri Restaurant

Baron restaurant Beirut 

Thanks to Matthew Jordan for recording and sound editing