Turning Points in France: Alma Fakhre Mecattaf

Alma Fakhre – Mentor and Artist

In this episode of “Turning Points in France”, Patricia Killeen chatted with Alma Fakhre who is both a mentor and an artist. Alma came to Paris “for love” a couple of decades ago and made the City of Light her home. She mentors therapists, business CEO’s, couples, and young adults. She set up and registered charities, which help displaced families from war zones. She is also a founding member of several ecological projects. 

Alma’s art is in private homes, in hotels, hospitals, offices, theatres and movie sets and outdoor murals. Her work has been exposed in Paris, London, Geneva, the Middle East, California and the Caribbean. With commissions from Art Collectors, taking into account the idiosyncratic energies of those inhabiting each space, Alma creates personalized art by harmonizing her art with the inhabitants. Alma’Art will be shown at the Venice Biennale 2024.  As a qualified interior designer and an art consultant, Alma decorated hotels, homes, offices and even a well-known monument.

Throughout Alma’s youth, Art, mysticism, ecology and the innate ability to make people feel serenity and even deep joy was a natural gift. From primary school; St Joseph’s Convent (Grenada – Caribbean) to middle school; Chouyfat (Lebanon) and then on to secondary school; Aiglon (Switzerland), Alma was already mentoring her fellow students who would joke: “Tinkerbell (aka Alma), sprinkle some of your fairy dust on me!” This tendency to be the one friends turned to for clarity, continued throughout university years (England) and is still the case today. 

In her work as a mentor, Alma has been described as a “Miracle Worker”. 

This passion for the human condition and her lifelong passion and study of the human psyche, pushed Alma to travel seeking Mind, Body, Spirit techniques from some of the greatest authorities; doctors and biologists in the West, Shamans (Amazon) ancient spirituality (Egypt) natural medicine, gurus, healers and wise beings across Europe, Middle East, Burma, Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Hawaii..

With a vast number of diplomas and qualifications in human psychology, biology and many techniques for growth, Alma’s list of qualifications is exhaustive (see website below). Alma continues to study new methods and is currently studying Biofield Tuning. 

She shared a couple of techniques she uses on show and to end the interview, upon Patricia’s request, Alma spontaneously led producer Michael Parr, and Patricia, along with the WRP listeners, on a calming, rejuvenating five-minute guided visualization.

Alma Fakhre: