Turning Points – Deborah Liverett

Deborah Liverett – Author, Speaker and Life Coach.

In this episode of Turning Points, Patricia Killeen welcomed Deborah Liverett, author, speaker and life coach. Deborah’s goal has always been to inspire and uplift people on their journeys. After surviving childhood trauma, at the young age of 14, she found her way forward, through self-help techniques. She has always been motivated to use her personal challenges to define techniques that are within us and that can guide us to our own empowerment.

She expanded her expertise to be an inspiring motivator in Corporate America for 38 years. Recently she retired from Northern Trust, an international financial company as a Senior Vice President and Director of Community Affairs after 25 years of service and was an award-winning executive in corporate philanthropy. Deborah and her team helped to fund underserved global communities to support mothers and their children experiencing education, health, and housing difficulties. 

A certified life coach for over two decades, Deborah is the founder of Live Life Coaching. She promotes coaching experiences, which build foundational living that supports our right to exist in our authentic truth.

Deborah’s first book, Bread and Butter: A Self-Directed Discovery to Your Desired Life is available on Amazon. She recently contributed a chapter called ‘Still I Live’ in an anthology, Turning Point Moments, Volume 2, which will be launched on July 18, and is available on Amazon. Her chapter describes her ultimate Turning Point, surviving the death of her youngest son. She is currently working with Capucia Publishing on her newest book, due to be published in 2024, the working title is Hey Me Where Have You Been?

Deborah’s other passions are cooking, photography and traveling and after an initial trip to Paris in 2003, she has been delighted with her current three-month stint in the City of Light, now drawing to a close. She finds French food is even more delicious, two decades later!

Website:  DeborahLiverett.com

Instagram: deborahliverett

RSVP here to attend the free launch party for Turning Point Moments, Volume 2 on July 18 at 7:00pm (in France). https://bit.ly/tpmv2launch