Introducing This is Not a Poem

This is Not a Poem is a new show delving into poetry and translation, hosted by Paris based American poet and translator Elliot KB. In this show, they often talk with a featured poet or translator about the craft of translation – and the many poets that move and fascinate us in French and English.

Find Elliot KB online on their website, and on instagram @ell_therewriter

Episode 1 Brian Bilston’s Ceci n’est pas un poeme  

In our opening discussion on this show, we dug into the phenomenon that is Brian Bilston, and his poem “Ceci n’est pas un poeme”, as well as playing with its French variant, thanks to Yannick Champion-Osselin’s translation.

Chatting about poetry snobs, making assumptions about literature, and how English and French folks see things differently, we threw around questions like “What even is a poem?” and “Where’s the fun in art?”.